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Project Management

HCCG as a coordinating office for the equine industry.

As a neutral coordinating office, it is the task of the HCCG to bundle competencies or “horsepower”. Numerous and diverse ideas and projects have already been successfully implemented in recent years.

In addition to projects in the field of the horse industry, such as the Horse Report Northern Germany or the EUREGIO projects, the HCCG is also involved in the fields of education and riding surface technology.

An overview of our service portfolio and current projects can be found here.


Our services

The HCCG initiates and supervises research and educational projects for progress in the horse industry! The projects are carried out in collaboration with partners and experts. Here you can learn more about completed and ongoing projects of the HCCG:

Riding Arena Technology


Studies with horses and in the horse stable

Product tests in horse husbandry

Studies on horse feeding

Studies on horse health

Studies on horse training and well-being

Horse industry

Analysis of the economic factor horse

Horse Report North-West

Market and potential analysis

Operating concept pony farm



Equine Management Certificate (EMC)

eLearning program for field staff

Pony on Tour

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