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Wilhelm Fricke

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"The right planner for every riding surface"

Through years of experience in equestrian sport, the owner and engineer Wilhelm Fricke knows about the importance and challenges of good riding surface care. Modern construction and experience flow into the high-quality riding arena planners from Wilhelm Fricke GmbH, which are manufactured in the district of Diepholz.

What distinguishes Wilhelm Fricke GmbH?

The riding arena planners from Wilhelm Fricke have developed with the growing demands in equestrian sport.

The model construction allows every customer to receive a riding arena planner according to his requirements and wishes or to retrofit it later.

The products are 100% “Made in Germany” and stand out from the competition in terms of work results and quality.

Find out more about the products from Wilhelm Fricke GmbH.

Your contact

Wilhelm Fricke GmbH

Schmiedestraße 22

DE-49459 Lembruch

Phone:+49 (0)5447-284

Wilhelm Fricke GmbH is a cooperation partner of the laser-controlled riding arena leveler "eLeveller"

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