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Derby Horse Feed

DERBY – A brand with tradition that has made it its task to support sport horses and breeding horses with their feed, tailored to their physical performance. This primarily includes high-quality basic feed, which can be added with supplements, roughage, mineral feed and manger feed from our own company. In addition to feeding sports and breeding horses, the company also offers feed for leisure horses and has thus developed into a full-range supplier. Not only german horses enjoys products from the DERBY range, also various horses abroad.

The expertise of the brand can be quickly understood when you take a look at its philosophy: “By horse people for horse people”. Those people in the company who know what it means to keep a horse and especially recognize the importance of keeping the horse healthy . The brand has its origins in 1968, when the Central Genossenschaft first developed high-quality basic feed for horses in competitive sport and breeding. The classic recipes still exist today with only minimal tweaks. Today you can find the DERBY headquarters in Münsterland.

Derby Pferdefutter

What distinguished Derby Horse Feed in the horse industry?

  • Feeding concepts for all horses
  • Good networking with science, associations, breeders and athletes

Your contact for horse feeding

Derby Horse Feed is a brand of


Industrieweg 110

48155 Münster

Hotline: +49 800/5893689


You can find Derby on these social networks:

Derby is a long-standing partner of the HCCG event series “Expert Meeting For Horse Businesses”

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